Esplanade gala

One can only wonder where the time went.

It seems like only yesterday that the summer was just starting and the thought of activities in September were in the very distant future.

However, summer has ended.

While the lingering warm weather may still belie the fact, we are now in the middle of September and less than two weeks away from the major fundraiser for The Esplanade Association.

The last event was three years ago and a major success for the Esplanade Association and a very fun time for all who attended the dinner in the tent on the Esplanade.

The funds raised at this coming event will help fund the Association for the next two to three years. And there is no doubt that the Association provides a major influence on the quality of the Esplanade at a very small staffing level.

The Esplanade is truly Boston’s greatest gem along the Charles.

This precious strip of lush parkland is truly a treasure for all who use it.

In any given season, and in fact, throughout the seasons during all of a given year, the Esplanade attracts throngs of residents and tourists.

With all this use comes the responsibility of maintaining the Esplanade with all the care it deserves. The condition of the trails, grass, shrubbery, trees, docks, landings, public restrooms and water fountain stations are not in best of shape.

Badly needed maintenance has been deferred. Without what must be physically done, the Esplanade will be literally stripped clean of its grass and its trails will become depressions rather than a source of pleasure to walk or run on.

The Esplanade Association has led the way to reverse the decline on this parkland.

Much more work needs to be done.

We need the Association as our eyes and ears to safeguard this treasure that has been neglected for too long.

If you want a fun evening and help a worthy organization than please call 617-227-0365 to get your tickets.

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