Police Blotter 09-30-2010

Sept. 21

Towed Motor Vehicle – 70 Mt. Vernon St.

Sept. 23

Towed Motor Vehicle – Mt. Vernon St.

Towed Motor Vehicle – 45 Hancock St.

Sept. 24

Assault & Battery/Unarmed Robbery – victim reports he was drinking with an unknown male on Pinckney St., when the male suspect punched him in the face and stole his wallet containing US currency.

Open & Gross Lewdness – 00 Charles St.

Vandalism – 96 Pinckney St.

Sept. 25

Assault & Battery with a knife – 545 Washington St.

Sick/Injured/Medical – 27 Chestnut St.

Sept. 26

Towed Motor Vehicle – 42 Branch St.

Vandalism – victim reports on Pinckney St. an unknown person keyed his 2010 Mazda 3 on both sides of the motor vehicle.

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