What does our clothing say about ourselves?

Governor Deval Patrick, his Republican opponent Charlie Baker and independent candidate Tim Cahill represent three different constituencies – and the clothing they wear apparently reveals that.

A recent Boston Globe piece detailing the clothes the gubernatorial candidates are wearing as they make their case to the residents of Massachusetts pointed out that Governor Patrick was the best dressed of them all – and that may or may not be true dependent upon whom is making the judgment.

In fact, in the Globe piece, one designer interviewed said they believed the governor’s clothing to be perfect but that he needed more time in the gym.

Cahill’s manner of dress was derided by the designers that were asked.

Baker’s design sense was considered to be contrived and all about affect more than anything else.

Some of us who have been around all three candidates at numerous campaign stops during the past three months can say this with impunity – they all dress well, that is, they all tend to look like politicians most of the time.

Even when these three dress down, it is done with panache of sorts.

Patrick is always impeccably attired when we have seen him or been with him.

If he is without a tie and jacket or a suit, he is generally attired in a Polo sweater or casual ensemble that gives one the impression that the governor is fit, and that his clothes fit him, as well.

The designer interviewed by the Globe suggesting the governor needed to go to the gym was off-base.

Anyone slapping the governor on the back firmly comes away with the feeling that this is a solid guy – not muscular, but strong and with some body tone. He shows no stomach nor jowls.

Baker is quintessentially Swampscott-North Shore absence of style – and for the most part, his clothing – button down shirt, clean jeans or businessman’s suit does not rise to the level of Patrick’s more stylized ensembles. Baker, by the way, doesn’t need to go to the gym, either. He’s in good shape.

Cahill, considered the worst dresser of the three, wears triple white button down shirts, colorful but conservative silk ties and less expensive businessman’s suit.

He is the best in shape of the three and the strongest physically – and if the race were a matter of measuring who is able to take down whom physically – Cahill would be the easy winner.

We’re not sure where the Globe got the idea of measuring the men by the clothing they wear.

Frankly, Governor Patrick is the best dressed of the three – whatever exactly that means is unknown to us given what is riding on the outcome of this important election.

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