Seeking hundreds of holiday helpers

Every year it takes hundreds of hands to hang 2,680 yards of laurel garlands and 2,400 red bows on Beacon Hill’s 1100 gas lamps for the holidays.

The decorating days start Saturday, December 4, at the Harrison Gray Otis House, 141 Cambridge Street, where volunteers are needed to cut and wire the laurel garlands, package the bows, deliver supplies or get a head start on decorating the gas lamp between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Working hand-in-hand with residents will be Suffolk staff and students.

On Sunday, December 5, more than a hundred residents are needed to hang the garlands and bows all over the Hill.

Residents are welcome to come to the parking lot next to Savenor’s, 160 Charles Street to join with others or pick up supplies for their own street. Veteran decorators are on hand to show volunteers how to wire the greens on the gas lamps. By request, supplies a be dropped on individual streets or can be picked up at the Harrison Gray Otis House and at Savenor’s.

To volunteer to lead the effort on your street or to join with others, contact the BHCA at 617-227-1922 or [email protected]. Or, when your neighbor calls for help, just go out and join in the fun. More information is available on or by joining the Beacon Hill Holiday Decorating page on Facebook.

The decorating goes on whether it rains or shines, or, even better, snows – making Beacon Hill even more beautiful.

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