Radiation from Japan

Forgive us if we are less than buoyed with good feeling by hearing from our public officials who check such things that radiation from the badly damaged Japanese nuclear reactors has been found in rain that has recently fallen in New England.

We hear our public officials telling us not to worry, the radiation isn’t yet in our drinking water. It is only in the rain.

But doesn’t the rain water fall to the earth and then seep into the land and into our reservoirs?

And what will our public health officials tell us if the radiation rises precipitously causing our drinking water to be undrinkable?

Do we all go out to buy bottled water – as if bottled water will somehow escape the effects of high level radiation?

The everything is OK lingua franca of our public officials about radiation and its possible or even likely effects on the population is sorely lacking in reality.

If those Japanese reactors explode, we’ve all got a potential problem and everything will not be good and there will nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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