BHCA Board Votes to Fund Project Place

The Beacon Hill Civic Assoc-iation (BHCA) board of directors voted unanimously last week to use the general fund to underwrite its share of the Project Place program for the upcoming year.

Through a partnership with the Beacon Hill Business Association (BHBA), the BHBA contracted the Boston non-profit Project Place to provide a supervisor and members of its job-training program to clean Charles Street. The workers’ tasks include sweeping sidewalks and gutters; picking up trash, debris and leaves; removing graffiti, flyers and stickers; and cleaning tree pits. BHCA board member Rajan Nanda, who chairs the association’s Streets and Sidewalks Committee, said the Business Association has nearly raised its $3,350 share of the total cost of $6,700 to run the program in the next year.

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