Hub Protests

Sitting in your home and watching the news or hearing about the protests going on in the financial district makes you wonder – what is it all about?

Why are all these young people protesting?

What are they protesting?

They are protesting economic hardship of ordinary Americans. They are also protesting the takeover of America by big banks.

These protests are springing up across the nation with an especially large protest on the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend ending up with 700 arrest in New York City.

We believe this is just the beginning of the new age we are entering without job creation, without leadership in Washington, and without hope to power us forward into the decade that is upon us.

These early protests have the potential to become much large and more widespread as they are being organized on-line using social networking Internet media.

It is a time for everyone in a position of leadership to take note of what is coming to be with younger people looking into the future and seeing no hope.

When that feeling is taken into the streets, it is a time to awaken to the new reality this nation is facing.

There have been riots and violent protests in Greece and in Italy.

If you think it can’t happen here, don’t.

It can happen. It is starting to happen.

Government needs to respond, and fast, before these protests grow out of control.

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