Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs at 56 brings to an end the life of an extraordinary American inventor.

Ironically, the i-Phones held by so many millions across the face of the earth announcing his death were designed by him. He was an artist in a way. He chose to work outside the box, was not easily persuaded by anything mediocre built to satisfy a niche or a moment of need.

He was a visionary and a perfectionist who built precision electronic tools capable of changing the world and bringing it closer to together.

Charles Lindbergh united the continents of the world in 1927 by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane.

Eighty years later Jobs went one step further in uniting the world with a hand held telephone that has changed how we store information and access it. All the world’s information is now literally at our fingertips. We can also communicate with one another around the world.

Job’s inventions changed the world.

He died before he had a chance to do his best work.

That is the most sorrowful thing related to his early death.

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