Police Briefs 10-25-2011

Breaking and Entering – Non-Residence

10/10/11 – At about 7:03 a.m., police officers responded to a Cambridge Street liquor store alarm and found the glass front door broken and items thrown on the floor. Store employee arrived and said they would estimate the value of merchandise removed.


10/14/11 – A Charles Street fashion clothing store reported that unknown person(s) stole a Cibeline tank top from the store between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Oct. 10

170 Cambridge St.,  Breaking and Entering, Non-Residence, Night – Force

95 Beaver St., Towed Motor Vehicle

Charles Street, Towed Motor Vehicle

Beacon Street,  Larceny, Other, Under $50

Charles Street  Larceny, Non-Accessory from Vehicle, $200 & Over

Beacon Street,  Property – Found

Oct. 12

11 South Russell St., Towed Motor Vehicle

126 Charles St., Motor Vehicle Accident – Police Vehicle

71 Pinckney St., Towed Motor Vehicle

Oct. 13

9 Bowdoin St., Investigate Person

Oct. 14

6 Derne St., Sudden Death

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