The Green Room Offers Unique, Customized Hair Care

The Green Room’s Jessica Dill.

Passersby walking down River Street could easily overlook The Green Room, but the salon’s owner and sole hairdresser believes its small storefront is conducive to offering each patron a truly unique and customized experience.

“I like working by myself and think [a salon visit] should be very intimate and personal. That gets lost in a larger space,” said Jessica Dill, who opened the self-described “private concierge hair studio” in February.

A New Milford, Conn., native and graduate of Northeastern University, Dill tried her hand at teaching English as a second language in Czechoslovakia and selling clothing before attending LaBaron Hairdressing Academy in Overland Park, Kans.

“I love hair and always wanted to be a hairdresser,” Dill said. “I just like making things beautiful.”

Soon after graduating, Dill returned to Boston and landed her first salon job as an assistant at Mario Russo. She was soon working as a hairdresser citywide and began teaching advance color techniques to fellow stylists throughout New England.

As a testament to her proven techniques and high level of personalized care, The Green Room currently has 200 regular customers, around 60 percent of whom are female, according to Dill.

“This is all with minimal signage and no advertising,” Dill said of the salon’s success. “[Publicity] has been 100 percent word of mouth, and it has worked out very well.”

The Green Room offers special appointments at night, on weekends and for weddings, as well as makes house calls.

“I make myself available,” Dill said. “If the customers aren’t happy, then I’m not happy.”

Dill also never underestimates the significance of customer consultations.

“The consultation is the most important part because if you don’t know where you’re going before you start, you’re shooting in the dark and hoping you hit something,” Dill said.

The Green Room is located at 21 River St. on Beacon Hill. For more information, call 617-720-2121, e-mail [email protected] or visit

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