Community Bank with a Heart of Gold: Mystery Ornament Series Concludes

Pictured, left to right, are Donna Petro, Cambridge Trust Bank manager; Alison Corkery, contest winner; and Joe Roller, president of Cambridge Trust Bank.

Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill concluded its five-year Mystery Ornament series and the publication of “The Last Shepard and Tales of The Tenth Ornament” with a Christmas Eve celebration at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel and a dramatic rendezvous at Cambridge Trust Company Bank at 65 Beacon St. for the unveiling of a mystery message and the awarding of $2,000 in silver and gold coins.

More than 180 people from all over the country were in attendance to support Blackstone’s pediatric cancer drive for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Travelers were treated to a wonderful turkey dinner and an evening of entertainment with radio and television host Ray Brown overseeing the proceedings. Entertainers included opera singer Rachele Schmeige, classical guitarist John Muratore, cellist James Jacobs, Peruvian singer Millie Huertes and Irish balladeer Michael Maloney. The evening began with video greetings from Mayor Thomas M. Menino, actor Richard Thomas and the general manager of the Park Plaza Hotel.

One of the main highlights of the evening was the caroling and candlelight parade that wended its way from the hotel, through the Public Garden to the Cambridge Trust Bank for the unveiling of the mystery message.

Like a scene from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” CEO and President Joseph Roller, perfectly cast as Jimmy Stewart’s character George Bailey, handed out gifts of candy and invited everyone into the bank for the unveiling of the message. With his wife Anne at his side, along with Vice President and Branch Manager Donna Petro, the wax seal was broken and the message read to the throng of caroling and picture taking travelers from all over the country. The money was awarded to Alison Corkery of Newton for correctly decoding the message, which reads:

1. Blackstones

2. To find the answer one must look inside

3. Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings

4. May you feel the wings of angels near from those you love and hold so dear

5. Merry Christmas

“At times like this Christmas Eve 2011, we are reminded how blessed we are to have such a community-minded business like Cambridge Trust Bank in our midst. They believe – as do we at Blackstone’s – that to have a lasting relationship with a customer you must become their friend first,” said Jennifer Hill, Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill.

“It is Cambridge Trust’s long-standing tradition of personal service that convinced us they should be our partner for this special five-year project and night of celebration,” added Mark Duffield of Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill. “They literarily have a ‘heart of gold.’”

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