Beacon Hill Civic Association Celebrates 40th Winter Dance and Its 90th Year

The Beacon Hill Civic Association’s 40th Annual Winter Dance was a great success.

This year’s theme, “All That Glitters,” was appropriately played out at the Four Seasons Hotel, where guests enjoyed an evening among neighbors and friends with dinner, dessert, with many toasts shared and dancing.

The Winter Dance’s 40 years is exceeded by the BHCA’s 90th year of service which it is celebrating this year.

Founded in 1922, the BHCA pride’s itself in representing what is best about Beacon Hill. It is an organization whose very lifeblood is about giving back to the neighborhood which it works so hard to maintain as one of Boston’s great places to live and to work and as a place where children can grow-up with a feeling of community.

And it was in that spirit that the BHCA co-founded Hill House, which is a literal and virtual beacon in the day and night for this neighborhood’s children and parents.

The Winter Gala Committee was co-chaired by Hope Foley and Kathryn Kuchefski.

Members of the committee were Kate Bergmann, Ingrid Calfer, Karen Fabbri, Jackie Fantuzzi, Samantha Goudreau, Brigitte LaMarche, Alyson Lindsey, Jennifer Mecom, Lucy Moon-Lim, Sarah Redmond, Jennifer Timilty and Paige Walls.

The following local businesses helped to make possible the evening in a memorable manner: Autumn Gedutis, Tracy Weiss, The Ruby Door, Susan Symonds, Infinity Portrait, Beacon Hill Times, The Boston Courant, Beacon Hill Wine and Spirits and Rugg Road Paper Company.

It is events like this which bring out the best in a lovely neighborhood, comprised mainly of people who want it to remain a great place to live in, to work in, and for so many others to come and visit and to partake of its treasures.

One of those treasures is the BHCA.

Congratulations on the dance and its 40th anniversary.

Congratulations on the BHCA’s 90th year.

Both are major accomplishments that speak well of the neighborhood.

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