MBTA to Avoid Cuts

It is becoming obvious that every effort is being made by the MBTA, and the governor, to avoid cancellation of T services in Greater Boston in return for a fare increase.

At an estimated 25 percent raise, we are not exactly sure how fair it is for those Boston residents using the T everyday and for everyone in Boston and outside of the city who use the T as their transportation lifeline.

Recent meetings with T officials across the city have produced hundreds of angry T riders all saying the same thing – don’t cut our services.

A few days ago, the governor announced he’d be donating the balance of the remaining snow removal funds (because of the warmer winter and the lack of snow millions are left unused) to aid in reducing the T’s deficit.

This all makes good sense.

Now if only the leadership in this state would do away with the systemic waste that marks the running of the MBTA at every instance then something might be learned from this experience so deficits such as that facing the T right now will never again occur.

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