BWSC to Start Work This Week on Mt. Vernon St.

The equestrian and the pedestrian seem in step as they cross paths in the Public Garden.

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) is scheduled to relay the water main on Mount Vernon Street beginning this week.

According to BWSC officials, the city agency has contracted Hyde Park-based P.Gioioso & Sons to relay the 12-inch pipe. The project is scheduled to take two weeks to complete.

Traffic and parking impacts are expected as a result of the project, according to the BWSC.

BWSC officials also said water service could be temporarily disrupted during construction, in which case the contractor is required to provide written notice 48 hours before in advance.

Any questions, concerns or special needs regarding the Stephen Johnson, project engineer, at 617-989 – 7453.

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