Villa Mexico Café Defers City Hearing to Reach Consensus with Neighbors

The owners of Villa Mexico Café opted to defer their hearing with the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals last Tuesday, saying they postponed the meeting “in the hopes of reaching a consensus with our community.”

Owners Julie King and her daughter, Betsy, intend to relocate the small take-out restaurant specializing in Mexican food from Grampy’s gas station, located at 296 Cambridge St., to 12 Grove St., which lies in a residential district.

The Kings were seeking zoning relief and licenses that would allow the restaurant to move to the new site, but decided to defer the March 24 hearing after learning that neighbors and abutters of the Grove Street location had sent a letter asking for further dialogue with them.

“[Neighbors] are asking for a dialogue so that we can reach a good neighbor agreement in regard to our move,” the Kings wrote in an e-mail announcing their decision to postpone the hearing.

At a meeting of the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) Zoning and Licensing Committee in December, neighbors and abutters of the proposed Grove Street location expressed concern that the restaurant would result in increased trash and possible rodent infestations, among other issues.

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