The Tough New Manager

A few weeks back, Mayor Menino invited Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine to lunch with a number of his friends at Parkman House in order to introduce him properly to some of the business people of Boston.

Valentine was his inimitable self – that is – strong and fit in appearance, unambiguous about what he had to say and how he said it, and altogether, a very tough visage by comparison to that given off by former Red Sox coach Tito Francona.

But the new manager is finding victory elusive as he starts out this year.

The Red Sox have lost their first 3 games and Valentine is believed to be holding down his frustration.

Whether the managers are weak or strong doesn’t matter so much as the players, who must feel the need to win and to fight to do so.

That fight isn’t there right now for the Red Sox.

That hurts the new manager and those of us who are fans.

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