Residents Make Beacon Hill Shine

Beacon Hill Civic Association’s Joanna Brown, Diana Coldren, Jack Gurnon, Keeta Gilmore and Michael Bruck load a table with tools, trash bags and the city’s new recycling bags for distribution to volunteers participating in the Neighborhood Clean Up Day.

The Neighborhood Spring Clean Up Day, sponsored Saturday by the Beacon Hill Civic Association in conjunction with Boston Shines, featured several special projects this year. Both the Myrtle Street Playground and the Phillips Street Playground received a fresh load of mulch, which volunteers – including hard-working Suffolk University students – spread among the flowers and trees surrounding the play areas. In addition, Streets and Sidewalks Committee member Eileen McKendry led a group of volunteers who surveyed Beacon Hill’s gas lampposts and recorded problems in need of repair by the Public Works Department. Few residents turned out to clean, a trend Public Works officials said was citywide.

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