Swans Return to Public Garden

The return of the swans to the Public Garden is one of those rights of spring that makes life worth living, especially if you transit from Beacon Hill into the Public Garden for your morning walk to work.

The return of the swans following a winter at the Franklin Park Zoo is just what the doctor ordered. Strollers through the Public Garden become as used to the living and breathing swans as the family of brass ducklings one passes when coming into the Public Garden from the Beacon Street entrance.

The Public Garden’s swans – Romeo and Juliet – are a couple. They mate for life. Unless a partner gets lost or nesting problems occur, Romeo and Juliet will remain by one another’s side until they die.

They have a life expectancy of 20-30 years unlike swans living in the wild.

Romeo is larger than Juliet as males are larger than females.

Those who study swans believe they are chivalric through and through, true paragons in an ever changing landscape.

Swans have four toes. They have hollow bones. They have air sacs attached to their lungs.

They can be found on five continents.

They do not live in Africa where it is too hot. They cannot be found in Antartica where it is too cold.

“The Public Garden wouldn’t be the same without them.”

The fight against drugs

The mayor has announced a crackdown on drugs in South Boston. We would urge him to order the same crackdown on drugs in every neighborhood of this city.

There is not a neighborhood in this city that is free of the scourge of illegal drug dealing, drug use and the crime that is a part of that underground trade.

How victory is achieved against drug use and dealing has been elusive in the past 40 years.

The mayor’s announcement that the war against drugs is expanding in South Boston, we urge him to do the same in all the neighborhoods.

Not enough can be done to clear the city of drug dealing and illegal drug use.

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