City Wins Truck Ban: to Take Effect June 13

The city has won its fight with MassDot, the state’s transportation authority, which has ruled that trucks carrying hazardous materials will be banned from Boston’s streets between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

They will instead be forced to use Interstate 95 around the city, unless making a local pickup or delivery.

Mayor Thomas Menino said he was pleased for the residents of the city’s neighborhoods – Beacon Hill and Back Bay- and especially for the residents of the North End.

As a result of the MassDot ruling 18-wheeler trucks carying hazardous loads will be barred from the city’s streets.

The ban goes into effect June 13.

In addition, fuel trucks are permanently banned from Big Dig tunnels but will, however, be allowed to use city streets overnight.

Boston Police started ticketing 18-wheel trucks carrying hazardous loads last year by issuing offending truckers $500 fines for rule violations.

With this MassDot ruling, 18-wheel trucks will be forced to bypass Boston on their way to their various destinations rather than passing through Boston or transiting the city’s streets during the heaviest times of use.

According to the MassDot, the ruling was made, in part, due to concerns of terror attacks and catastrophic accidents.

The mayor said the ruling will be stringently enforced throughout the city.

Truckers have been complaining that it will cost them more in fuel to go around the city instead of transiting directly through it.

The mayor said the added cost for fuel is well worth it given the potential for disaster.

We agree.

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