Motor Vehicle Uproots Tree Outside 20 West Cedar St.

The site where a tree was uprooted outside 20 West Cedar St.

A tree outside 20 West Cedar St. was uprooted by a passing vehicle Wednesday, according to Boston Police.

An officer responded to the scene for a report of a motor vehicle accident and observed a large tree lying on the ground, with a white box-truck parked at an angle near its base.

The vehicle’s operator told police he was driving at a rate of no more than 5 mph, when he attempted to avoid a truck going the wrong way on West Cedar Street and struck a branch extended over the street.

Police said the building at 20 West Cedar St. sustained damage to the roof and gutters and the truck to the body on its passenger’s side body, as well as its box and mirror. The other vehicle departed prior to the officer’s arrival, police said.

No one at 20 West Cedar St. was immediately available for comment.

Meanwhile, Boston Parks Department spokesperson Jacquelyn Goddard said the city removed the tree Wednesday, and that the city would likely plant a new one in its place by the spring.

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