Thesis and Anti-Thesis

Our neighborhoods, thankfully, are among the safest in the city. Beacon Hill and the Back Bay are examples of wonderful places to live, to shop, to own businesses or to tour. And best of all, our neighborhoods are virtually absent of violent crime and of the pervasive gun play occurring in other neighborhoods with deadly frequency not too far from our doorsteps.

Last weekend, Boston Police reported ten people shot and three people killed as a result of shootings in Dorchester and in Hyde Park. Two of the dead were women.

This type of pervasive gun violence in other neighborhoods has the potential to change all of our lives as violence can be so swift and indifferent about who it touches or where people are burdened by its presence.

Bottom line, we all must be heard about our views regarding gun violence and whether or not something can be done to make the accessibility to weapons more difficult or even impossible.

This is not an effort to overturn the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms. Rather, it is a call to have a more sobering look at the laws to see if new tools can be given to law enforcement to take gun violence down, to trim it, to end it if possible.

Ten people shot in two neighborhoods of Boston over one weekend, and two women dead as a result, is intolerable. It also reminds us how dangerous gun play can become and often does.

We owe it to ourselves and to our well-being and most of all to our collective safety to meet the demand of the growing gun violence that is changing all the rules of social behavior in cities across the land.

Ten shot and two left dead over the weekend in Boston is intolerable.

We are safe in Beacon Hill and the Back Bay, but for how long?

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