Neighborhood Favors Helping Charles St. Mkt.

A plan that would enable the Charles Street Market to stay in its current location met with a favorable public response at the Firehouse Wednesday during an informal meeting sponsored by the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA).

Market proprietor Tracy Hollander and Joel Kadis, a partner at Burlington-based Linear Retail Properties, which owns the building at 62-66 Charles St. that houses the business, outlined planned improvements, including expanding the interior of the store by eliminating existing office space; adding a grill and other in-house cooking apparatus; and offering personalized self-storage in the basement.

“This would generate enough income to allow us to sign a long-term agreement with [the landlord],” Hollander said. “It would also allow us to bring in more frozen produce, fresh food and meals to go.”

In an effort to mitigate odor from the grill, Kadis said the market would install a $60,000, state-of-the-art exhaust system that would eliminate 91 percent of odors without changing current sightlines from the street.

“This system far exceeds code and is exponentially more expensive,” Kadis said. “It’s kind of over the top.”

Kadis said Linear Retail Properties has agreed to rent the space at a rate far below what Virginia-based Capital One Bank agreed to pay before that deal fell apart in early 2012 amid an outpouring of opposition from the community.

“We are making a material compromise in an effort to have a long-term relationship with the people of Beacon Hill,” Kadis said. “If we can get support, I have the authority to commit [to the agreement with Hollander].”

River Street resident Alyson Lindsey was among those who said they hope to see the market remain in its current location.

“Tracy is a terrific neighbor, and we love him,” Lindsay said. “I think the market staying is ideal.”

To comment on the Charles Street Market’s current proposal, call the Beacon Hill Civic Association at 617-227-1922.

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