Single to Two Family is a No Go Home at 75 Hancock St.

Two year old Davis had probably the best seat in the house on Thursday Night at the Beacon Hill Business Association Annual Charles Street Holiday Stroll.

Amid concerns about the precedent it would set for future residential development in the neighborhood, the Beacon Hill Civic Association (BHCA) Zoning and Licensing Committee voted Wednesday to oppose granting the variances necessary to convert a single-family home at 75 Hancock St. into two luxury condominiums.

Brent Berc of Boston Real Estate Collaborative outlined plans at last week’s committee meeting to transform the dwelling into two triplex units, with an asking price of $900 to $1,000 per square foot. Each 2,600 square-foot condo would likely have contained three bedrooms, and the upper unit would have featured an outdoor deck. The projected sale date for the condos was to have been March or April of 2014, Berc said.

In response to committee members and neighbors who said they would prefer to see the dwelling remain a single-family home, Berc said that was the original intention until the plan proved cost prohibitive.

“To [rehabilitate] this as a single family would save a lot of time and money,” Berc said. “When we got into what the building would need to be delivered as a structurally sound home, we ended up with a number that was a lot higher than any of us anticipated.”

The committee deferred reviewing a proposal to convert a lodging house at 61 Hancock St. into apartments because required materials were unavailable at the time of last week’s meeting, but it will vet the matter on Jan. 9, according to Tom Clemens, committee co-chair.

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