Community Boating

Community Boating Incorporated (CbI) recently held a very successful fundraiser in November that netted the local organization more than $35,000.  These donations are put to very good work at the sailing center on the Charles River.  Community Boating served over 900 sailors in 2012 in exchange for only one dollar per sailor.  This practice is in keeping with its mission of “eliminating the barriers of sailing, be they social, economic or physical.”

CBI is truly a special resource for the residents of our neighborhood.  On a hot summer day, to be out on the water with just the sound of the boat gracefully cutting through the Charles River is an experience that many a child has now enjoyed thanks to CBI.

Not only does the staff of CBI make sure there are the latest water crafts like paddle boards, racing boats or cruising boats, but the docks have been refurbished and made easily accessible even to people with physical handicaps.

We urge more residents to become involved in this very worthy organization.  Not only can you help other people less fortunate, but also get closer to nature in the city.


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