Street Parking Savers Need to Be Banned

Like the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA), we agree that the street parking savers situation needs to be banned or at least it needs to be refined.

Just because someone, shovels their vehicle out for whatever reason, it is still a public space and doesn’t belong to the person who shoveled.

The same people are tossing snow in the street, on sidewalks and in handicap spaces.

While this winter was miserable, setting a snow accumulation record of 108.6 inches, some sort of plan needs to be created to allow public spaces to be available for every resident.

May be, just maybe vehicle owners, with ample notification, should move their vehicles into garages with discounted prices, which would allow the city to make clean runs clearing the streets and parking spaces in one run.

This may be a tough nut to sell, but some sort of plan has to be developed that can work for everyone and can avoid the problems mentioned above, not to mention the potential of violence.

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