Beacon Hill Womens’ Forum Kicks off May 6

All neighborhood women are invited to attend the launch of the Beacon Hill Womens Forum, a group designed to bring local women together on a monthly basis.

The initial meeting, which will take place on Monday, May 6, at the Hampshire House, kicks off at 6:00 pm with a cocktail reception in the library. Former state Rep. Marty Walz will then give a brief talk on ‘The Dynamism of Women Together,’ which will be followed by an exchange of ideas about the group’s future by those present, who are encouraged to share their ideas.

“There is a complexity to navigating the various chapters of a woman’s life, while at the same time attempting to remain spiritually grounded and intellectually inspired,” said the group’s founder and president Lisa Macalaster of Pinckney Street.

“As women, we need to engage each other’s support and encouragement to do this well, to live a life by design, not by default.”

Beginning in September, regular meetings are scheduled at the Hampshire House on the first Tuesday of every month through May. Each will feature a time to connect with neighbors, a time to be inspired by a speaker and other members, and a time to enjoy each other. There will be a cash bar and a $20 charge per meeting to cover room and food costs.

«It is my hope that our simple monthly meeting structure at the Hampshire House will provide a joyful opportunity for the women of this unique neighborhood to connect, inspire and celebrate each other,” said Macalaster.

Other local women involved with the Forum’s founding are Mt Vernon Street residents Suzanne Besser, who will handle its communication and special events, and Florrie Everett, who designed the logo and website. Others are Brimmer Street resident Regina Cockerill, membership; Mt Vernon Street resident Barbara Manning, finance; and, Smith Court resident Jessica Crimmins of Smith Court, speakers.

“The idea of bringing women from all over the Hill together is very exciting, and the group’s potential is enormous,” said Besser.

For more information, email [email protected] or telephone Macalaster at 617-429-9939 or Besser at 617-275-6696.

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