Police Briefs 05-14-2013

Drugs – Possession of a Class D Substance (Marijuana)

05/01/13 – A male suspect was walking on Charles Street near Mt. Vernon Street at around 6 p.m., at which time a police officer performing a paid detail in the area noticed a plastic bag in the suspect’s mouth containing marijuana. The suspect was stopped and issued a city ordinance violation for possession of Class D substance (marijuana).


May 1

Beacon Street  – Motor Vehicle Accident – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

37 Beacon St.  – Motor Vehicle Accident – Property Damage

Charles Street  – Drugs – Possession of a Class D Substance – Marijuana, etc.

May 2

90 West Cedar St. – Breaking and Entering, Residence, Night – Attempt Force

35 Brimmer St. – Towed Motor Vehicle

21 Joy St.  – Towed Motor Vehicle

May 3

Beacon Street  – Violation of the Auto Laws – Operating Unregistered/Uninsured Car

68 Phillips St.  – Breaking and Entering, Residence, Day – Force

May 4

30 Phillips St. – -Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

180 Cambridge St. – Towed Motor Vehicle

May 5

1 Beacon St. – Investigate Property

49 Mt. Vernon St. – -Auto Theft

May 6

71 Beacon St.  – Violation of the Auto Laws – Miscellaneous

May 7

37 Bowdoin St.  – Investigate Person

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