Golden Named Interim Acting BRA Director

In his inaugural address Mayor Marty Walsh pledged to take an innovative approach when it came to investments in job creation and economic development. This included a plan to restructure the Boston Redevelopment Authority in order to streamline development and spur economic benefits.

“I am committed to permitting and licensing reforms that streamline what is now a complicated maze of rules and regulations,” he said. “Permitting and licensing should protect consumers without strangling our small businesses in red tape. And we’ve got to take action to finally realize the full economic benefit of our city.”

One of Walsh’s first orders of business was to confirm former State Representative Brian Golden as the BRA’s interim acting director. Walsh has also called for an audit of the authority.

Golden assumes the role by ‘statute’ because he is the current executive director of the authority. The BRA voted last week to secure his position as acting director. The seat has been left vacant since Peter Meade left the BRA last month.

With several BRA approved projects in the pipeline for Beacon Hill Golden’s appointment is a new opportunity to open dialogue between the BRA and the neighborhood.

“We are pleased that the Mayor has appointed as interim director someone with executive experience within the Boston Redevelopment Authority,” said Beacon Hill Civic Association Executive Director MaryLee Halpin. “We wish Mr. Gold success in his new role and look forward to working with him.”

Golden was appointed Executive Director/Secretary of the BRA in 2009. In his position, he managed the process by which the BRA Board reviews development proposals and the decisions regarding them. An attorney since 1993, Golden is a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he served Allston-Brighton. He has also held the role of the New England Regional Director at the US Department of Health and Human Services and as the Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy.

Golden has served as a US Army officer, active duty, and reserve for more than twenty year

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