Street Sweeping Starts This Week

In case you have not noticed, it is March and the street sweeping program starts in earnest this week.

Looking at the mounds of ice that show no signs of melting anytime in the near future, one is puzzled as to how the street-sweeper will move about — never mind get the debris that has been accumulating since January.

However, somehow the city workers will overcome the obstacle of  the ice mounds and start getting the sand, dirt and debris that are clogging the gutters.

We look forward to having all this street trash cleared.  But in all honesty, we are not happy about moving our cars.

So, look at the signs on what days the street sweeping program is in effect and make sure that your car is not parked where it should not be.

Can spring be far away? And hopefully the adage about March will not hold true this year and leave us as a lion.


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