Still Time to Beautify Beacon Hill

Spring has sprung!  Flowers and greens are starting to be seen in window boxes, planters and gardens throughout the Hill. “Beautify Beacon Hill” is your chance to recognize those who are allowing our neighborhood to flourish.

The Beacon Hill Civic Association, the Beacon Hill Garden Club and The Beacon Hill Times are hosting the second seasonal installment of the “Beautify Beacon Hill Awards.”  This new program transforms annual Beacon Hill Window Box Contest into a year-round competition.

As you walk around our neighborhood, be sure to take pictures of the prettiest plantings that you see.  Then submit photos and addresses of outstanding neighborhood window boxes, tree pits, front-yard gardens, and containers to [email protected]. Submissions will be accepted by the Civic Association until June 1.

Submissions will be judged by the Garden Club and The Beacon Hill Times, the program’s media sponsor, will publish photos of the winning entries mid-June.

In September, the award winners from January and June will be honored at the annual Beacon Hill Block Party.  “We’re trying to get people to decorate throughout the year,” said MaryLee Halpin, executive director of the Civic Association. “Our hope is that by publicizing what people have done to decorate in the different seasons will inspire others to enhance their areas, and for this all to help make Beacon Hill prettier than it already is.”

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