Traffic Woes Will Increase in Neighborhood

Once all the projects are completed in the North Station area, the vehicle traffic will increase dramatically on Causeway, Commercial and North Margin Streets as well as the Charlestown Bridge and Atlantic Avenue.

Several commercial buildings including a hotel and a new Converse headquarters will appear on the horizon and many residential units will be sold in a short period of time.

All the above mentioned involve people driving back and forth to work, going shopping or traveling somewhere. There will also be many vehicles making deliveries or picking up something.

Some new residents will use the T or bikes but not enough to make any real difference in what could be a traffic nightmare.

Keep in mind this does not include North End diners, tourist and shoppers or the many events that will be scheduled in the neighborhood like feasts and concerts.

While it is apparently too late to stop this, it is still important for the community to openly discuss and maybe have some sort of plan in place to deal what could be a nasty traffic situation.

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