BHAC Determinations

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission met on Thursday, September 18.  The following determinations were made:


Application 15.366 BH Putnam Avenue

Applicant: Lawrence Hayden (property manager): Replace gate at West Cedar Street outlet of Putnam Ave


Application 15.367 BH 5 Louisburg Square

Applicant: Dola Hamilton Stemberg (owner): Construct garden gazebo on rear ell roof deck


Application 15.321 BH 92 Pinckney Street

Applicant : Ryan Garrity (property manager): Repaint entry light blue


Application 15.255 BH 65 Anderson Street: Repair door, sidelights, and associated trim and repaint in kind

Application 15.359 BH 41 Beacon Street: Replace garden level entry door and sidelights in kind

Application 15.365 BH 68 Beacon Street: Replace 1/1 wood window in kind, eliminating vents; replace balcony doors, reintroducing original design

Application 15.294 BH 70 Beacon Street: Replace wood shutters in kind; clean and repaint windows in kind

Application 15.362 BH 92 Beacon Street: Repoint rear façade; remove and reinstall bricks to insert new angle irons; install flashing; repair masonry sills; repaint windows in kind

Application 15.361 BH 23 Charles River Square: Replace deteriorated cast stone trim, replicating original details; reset cornice stones and brick lintels; spot repointing; repair and repaint iron balconies (off-site)

Application 15.357 BH 82 Chestnut Street: Repair 10 deteriorated masonry sills, to match existing

Application 15.342 BH 97 Chestnut Street: Repaint door, garage door, and trim in kind

Application 15.253 BH 2 Goodwin Place: Repair and repoint brick; repair lintels; repair downspout; repaint windows in kind

Application 15.322 BH 34 Irving Street: Replace 3 wood 6/6 windows in kind

III. Administrative Review/Approval (continued):

Application 15.302 BH 23 Joy Street: Repair front stoop

Application 15.297 BH 130 Mount Vernon Street: Clean and repair garden wall; repaint wall and first floor of property in kind; repaint door black

Application 15.300 BH 3 Myrtle Street: Replace 3 wood 2/2 windows in kind

Application 15.364 BH 130 Myrtle Street: Paint front door dark green and surround cream

Application 15.369 BH 10 Otis Place: Replace 5 wood 6/6 windows in kind

Application 15.295 BH 25 West Cedar Street: Repoint parapet wall; install flashing; replace flat roofing (exempt; not visible from public way)

Application 15.320 BH 80 West Cedar Street: Repair and repaint deteriorated trim in kind

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