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Reader says ‘no’ to Question 2

It is my hope that all Beacon Hill residents are taking a close look at Question   2,which will appear on this November’s ballot. The referendum seeks to add 5-cent deposits to countless additional beverage containers.

As someone who cares greatly about our environment, I’ve concluded that this proposal is simply not sound public policy. I have a hard time seeing how it would improve recycling, but can see quite clearly how it would burden all of us.

I recycle at the curb every week: water bottles, yogurt containers, papers, you name it. If Question 2 passes, none of that will change. The only difference is that I’ll then be paying an additional 5 cents on a number of containers  – money that will go to politicians.

                Question 2 supporters insist that I have the option of retrieving my nickels. That would require driving to the grocery store, which of course means more carbon emissions, waiting in line to feed these containers into a vending machine and then coming home and driving around to find a parking space.

 I’m in favor of going the extra mile if it will help recycling, but in this case, I can achieve the same result by recycling at the curb. Our community pays for a convenient and modern recycling program, and we should be able to use it. For these reasons, I’ll be opposing Question 2.

Tobey Glazier

Hancock Street

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