Ward 5 Dems Weigh in on Ballot Questions

The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee last Tuesday endorsed positions on each of the four ballot questions facing voters in Massachusetts on Nov. 4.

 The committee endorsed:

Keeping the current law regarding the gas tax; voting no on question 1.

Expanding recycling deposits on bottles and other containers; voting yes on question 2.

Repealing the casino law; voting yes on question 3.

Requiring employers to offer earned paid sick time; voting yes on question 4.

 A two-thirds vote of eligible members present at the regular committee meeting held Oct. 21 was required to endorse a position.

 The committee, which represents Democrats across several neighborhoods, including Beacon HIll, Back Bay, South End, Chinatown, Fenway and Bay Village, is organizing a series of events to support Democrats on the statewide ballot, as well as its new positions on the ballot questions. Those interested can visit



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