BHAC Agenda

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, 16 April 2015 starting at 4:00p.m. in room 801, Boston City Hall.

Subject of the hearing will be applications for Certificates of Appropriateness on the agenda below, review of architectural violations, and such business as may come before the commission, in accordance with Ch. 616 of the Acts of 1955, as amended.  Applications are available for public inspection during business hours at the offices of the Environment Department.  Applicants or their representatives are advised to attend, unless indicated otherwise below. Sign language interpreters are available upon request.

After 5:30 p.m., enter and exit City Hall at the Dock Square entrance on Congress Street (across from Faneuil Hall).


4:00 PM

Application 15.970 BH    93 Charles Street

Applicant:        Francisco Medrano (tenant): Install plaque sign and display case at Pinckney Street elevation

4:15 PM

Application 15.971 BH    10 ½ Beacon Street [Boston Athenaeum]

Applicant:        Boston Athenaeum (owner): Install window signage; master signage plan for temporary exhibition signage

4:30 PM

Application 15.1059 BH   75 Chestnut Street

Applicant:        Jim Mooney (property manager): Replace existing roof deck and wooden railing in kind

4:45 PM

Application 15.1060 BH   90 Beacon Street

Applicant:        Paul Pawlyk (contractor): Construct roof deck on rear ell (partially visible from Beaver and Brimmer Streets)

5:00 PM

Application 15.942 BH    51 Hancock Street

Applicant:        Bradley Huggins (owner): Construct roof deck (minimally visible from the public way)

  1. Administrative Review/Approval: In order to expedite the review process, the commission has delegated the approval of certain work items, such as those involving ordinary maintenance and repair, restoration or replacement, or which otherwise have a minimal impact on a building’s appearance, to the staff pending ratification at its monthly public hearing.  Having been identified as meeting these eligibility criteria and all applicable guidelines, the following applications will be approved at this hearing:

Applicants whose projects are listed under this heading NEED NOT APPEAR at the hearing.  Following the hearing, please present a copy of this agenda at the Inspectional Services Department (1010 Massachusetts Avenue) when applying for permits. ISD personnel will send an electronic copy of your building-permit application to the Environment Department. (To avoid potential confusion, the text of your building-permit application should be consistent with the project description given below.)  Commission staff will accordingly authorize the execution of the work, attaching any applicable provisos, reflecting the relevant guidelines and precedents.

► PLEASE NOTE THAT NO FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE ISSUED for the applications listed below:  the electronic building-permit application as annotated by commission staff will constitute your Certificate of Appropriateness; this will be

valid for two years from the date of the hearing. The applicant is required to notify the commission of any project changes; failure to do so may affect the status of the approval.

If you have any questions not addressed by the above information, please consult the staff at the telephone number above, or at

[email protected].  Thank you.

Application 15.992 BH – 14 Beacon Street: Install safety bollard in alley at rear of property

Application 15.968 BH – 68 Beacon Street: Replace 13 wood 8/8 windows, 2 wood 4/4 windows, and 1 wood 1/1 window in kind

Application 15.1051 BH – 156 Cambridge Street: Replace three stealth flue pipes

Application 15.1057 BH – 65 Charles Street: Replace awning

Application 15.1063 BH – 33 Hancock Street: Replace basement window; rebuild patio, reusing existing bricks

Application 15.1061 BH – 24 Garden Street: Repair shutters; replace gutter

Application 15.1050 BH – 3 Joy Street: Paint and glaze windows; repaint wood entry doors to match existing; replace copper downspout

Application 15.1049 BH – 5 Joy Street: Paint and glaze windows; refinish wood entry doors; repaint fire escape black

Application 15.963 BH – 103 Mount Vernon Street: Repaint windows, shutters, window grills and window well grates black

Application 15.1055 BH – 31 Pinckney Street: Replace basement window with wood 1/1 unit

Application 15.1052 BH – 23 West Cedar Street: Spot point façade; repair brownstone sills and lintels; clean masonry

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