Civic Association Launches Revamped Web Site

The Beacon Hill Civic Association launched its revamped Web site on Thursday, which aims to improve user-experience while lowering the cost of maintaining an online presence for the organization.

“We’re thrilled to have accomplished so many of our goals with rolling out the new Web site,” said MaryLee Haplin, the group’s executive director. “We love the fact that it is easy for members to now find information that they seek. The navigation tools are wonderful.”

The new site has its origin in an initiative by the Civic Association’s office to reduce the costs of processing credit card payments. Flipcause – a self-described, Oakland-Calif.-based technology company that “helps nonprofits grow their impact with a full suite of on-demand fundraising tools” – was ultimately selected, because the vendor could not only provide financial savings, but also overhaul the organization’s Web site.

Besides providing the new site with a modern look and making it more accessible from mobile devices, Flipcause has helped the Civic Association lower its credit card processing-fees considerably. Donors also now have the option to pay the fees associated with their transactions, which helps the group further lower its expenses.

“As a small organization, we strive to maintain a low cost-base, and the fee structure associated with this new service-provider will help achieve that goal,” Halpin said.

For Chase Mack, the Civic Association’s administrative assistant, the new site serves as an invaluable asset in handling the organization’s day-to-day operations.

 “We’re really excited about the new website because it’s going to prove to be an easier, more intuitive, and more efficient resource for both our members and for us in the office,” Mack said. “All of the content has been reorganized and streamlined so that our users can easily look up information, quickly and securely access membership renewals and purchase tickets for our events.”

Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association online at

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