Saving Millions

Mayor Martin Walsh and the Boston Department of Public Works are to be congratulated for seizing the opportunity to convert about 70% of the city’s street lighting into LED lights.

The initial cost for this project was estimated to be just north of $15 million.  However, between the special federal grant program and savings, almost $13 million of that $15 million upfront cost was saved in the first year.  To have the program almost paid back in the first year is a tremendous success.

With the average life of these lights expected to be 15 years, the total savings to taxpayers at present electric rates will be more than $50 million over the remaining 14 years.  That amounts to some serious savings and represents taxpayer dollars that can be directed to other city services that need attention.

The day-to-day administration of a city seldom draws the focus of the media, but we are pleased to report this good news and offer a, “Job well done” to Mayor Walsh and the men and women of our city’s DPW.

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