Mayor’s Education Plan As Easy as A,B,C,D

Just about everyone agrees that the best investment that can be made for young people is to support their education and making sure the best learning facilities are available to them.

It doesn’t matter how or who gets it done as long as students have the opportunity to take advantage of their all important education which will dictate their future in many ways.

Mayor Martin Walsh has launched Build BPS, a 10 year Educational and Facilities Master Plan for the Boston school system that has great potential to make large strides in making this possible.

Plans will provide a strategic framework for facility investments and reform that seeks alignment with the Mayor’s vision of fostering exemplary teaching in a world-class system of innovative schools.

The Mayor’s master plan will apparently ensure that Boston’s schools are equipping students with the education, skills and facilities needed to exceed the standards of the 21st century learning.

            It’s as easy as A,B,C,D.

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