Christmas Eve Fire a Nightmare for Beacon Hill Family

A Beacon Hill couple’s Christmas turned into a nightmare last Wednesday when their apartment caught fire, killing two of the dogs that were inside.

According to the Boston Fire Department, firefighters responded to 80 Revere St., a five story brick apartment building and found a fire had started in the kitchen of the second floor unit belonging to  Maddie Ross and Dan Powers.

The two alarm blaze was quickly brought under control before it could spread to the other units in the building.

Ross and Powers had left their dog, a black Labrador Retriever and Great Dane mix, along with Ross’s parents’ two Puggles. Ross’s parents had been visiting from Connecticut to celebrate Christmas with the couple.

They had all gone out for a pre-Christmas Eve dinner only to come home and find their apartment on fire, most of their Christmas presents gone or badly damaged and firefighters trying to resuscitate their 8-year-old dog and one of Ross’s parents’ Puggles.

The two dogs that died did so due to the intense smoke in the apartment the fire had caused.

“Brady essentially died in my arms,” Powers told the Boston Globe. “You always think your dog’s the best dog, but I never met a dog that was more well-behaved than this dog . . . He had a good life. It was too early.”

BFD investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen next to the stove and that the apartment was a total loss.

The Fire Chief estimated the damage at $60,000. Luckily no other residents in the building were injured and the building’s property manager will help assist Ross and Powers with their displacement.

A 2-alarm blaze on Revere Street in Beacon Hill killed two dogs last Wednesday.

A 2-alarm blaze on Revere Street in Beacon Hill killed two dogs last Wednesday.

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