Civic Association Holds 94th Annual Meeting

By Dan Murphy

The Beacon Hill Civic Association held its 94th annual meeting at the Union Club of Boston on Monday, May 16.

At that time, Priscilla Fales, a longtime Beacon Hill Nursery School teacher who is set to retire next month, was presented with the 19th annual Beacon Award for her “significant and sustained” contribution to the community. She was unanimously selected by the nominating committee to receive the accolade.

“I can’t thank the Civic Association enough for this honor,” said Fales, who began teaching at the school in 1969. “I’d like to thank the staff I worked with in the beginning, as well as my current colleagues.”

The meeting also featured keynote speaker Commission William B. Evans of the Boston Police Department, who discussed “community policing.”

Meanwhile, the meeting included the election of the Civic Association’s officers and directors for the 2016-2017 term.

Mark Kiefer, who served as board president, is succeeding Keeta Gilmore as its chair. Gilmore will stay on as a director.

Suzanne Besser, who served as the Civic Association’s executive director from 1998 to 2004 and 2007 to 2012, was named the board’s new president.

Michelle Vilms is succeeding John Hemenway as treasurer, while Ben Starr will remain on as clerk.

Besides Hemenway, other departing directors are Joan Berndt, Frank McGuire and Chris Pederson.

New directors are Leslie Adam, Meghan Awe and James Ewing.

Returning directors also include John Achatz, Ania Camargo, Tom Clemens, Diana Coldren, John Corey, Chris Donnelly, Russel Gaudreau, Rajan Nanda, Paula O’Keeffe, Maura Smith, Charlotte Thibodeau, Rachel Thurlow, Eve Waterfall, Robert Whitney, Stephen Young and Colin Zick.

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