BHAC Grants Permission for Cellphone Towers Here

By Beth Treffeisen

At Thursday’s meeting of the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission (BHAC),  proposals by two cell phone service providers, AT&T and T-Mobile were unanimously passed by the board despite previous denials for a similar proposal by Wireless PCS LLC in April.

The BHAC went into a closed executive session for 30 minutes to discuss litigation matters before the meeting. The Beacon Hill Times has reached out to the city’s law department to learn more about a possible lawsuit but has not received a reply.

AT&T received approval to replace two antennas and reinstall one antenna at 19 Myrtle Street that are all on low-profile mounts, making them less noticeable to people on street level. They originally received the approval to install the antennas six years ago.

AT & T also received approval to paint the antennas to match the structure they reside on.

“We took photographs from seven locations and you can only see the antennas from four locations,” said Edward Pare from Brown Rudnick, speaking on behalf of AT&T.

All of the antennas will stay the same height despite one being seven inches longer and 2.7 inches wider. The longer one will go further down the structure.

T-Mobile received approval to install six antennas, also at 19 Myrtle Street, along with the supporting equipment to accompany the three antennas that are already in that location. They also received approval to paint the antennas.

“As you can see they blend in very well when they are painted green,” said Ricardo Sousa from Prince Lobel Type LLP for T-Mobile.  He added after the commission suggested placing the antennas elsewhere more out of sight by saying that the antennas have to be placed on the outer edge of the building to service the customers; otherwise the building itself will block it.

This approval comes after the April 21 meeting when commissioners didn’t pass New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC proposed work at 19 Myrtle Street to replace two telecommunication antennas along with installing remote radio units and upgrading the equipment.

The commission also disapproved in April the replacement of four telecommunication antennas, installation of two new telecommunication antennas on a chimney, and to repoint the chimney at 142-158 Charles Street that was also proposed by New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC.

Also at the April meeting, commissioners did not approve the  proposed two telecommunication antennas, installation of remote radio units and upgrade of equipment at the location of 112 Revere Street also known as 122-126 Charles Street.

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