Enjoy The Last Days of Summer

When we glanced at the calendar this week, it seemed hard to believe that August already is here — and that are just four weeks to go until Labor Day weekend.

Summer always is fleeting. It goes by way too fast, even if it has been a perfect summer season, as 2016 thus far has been for those of us who like our summer days sunny and hot.

But the advance of the calendar is unrelenting — “Time and tide wait for no man” —  and soon the wonderful summer days we have enjoyed in July will be nothing but a memory as the days grow shorter, the nights become cooler, and the first hint of fall is in the air.

We hope that all of our readers have made the most of their summer thus far, especially for those of us with children, for whom their summer memories will last a lifetime.  For ourselves, it is as if our recollections of our childhood days of summer were seared into our consciousness by the heat that we recall so vividly — the hottest days from our youth seem to be the most memorable.

For those of us who have yet to take some time off from work, we hope that August will be as wonderful as July has been, and that there will be ample opportunity to create memories for our loved ones that will bring a smile, if only to ourselves, on cold and snowy days in January.

But Labor Day is just around the corner and time flies — “Tempus fugit” — so we have to make the most of the four weeks remaining before school bells ring and we return to our daily grind

The words from the popular song by the great Nat King Cole from our very early childhood still resonate today — and we wish all of our readers the best for the last month of the summer of 2016.


Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Those days of soda and pretzels and beer

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

You’ll wish that summer could always be here

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