State Primaries to be Held on September 8

By Beth Treffeisen

In Beacon Hill, the Massachusetts state primary will be held on Thursday, September 8. Polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Below is a guide to who is running, where you can vote, and where you can find additional information on the candidates running for office:

Voting Locations

Beacon Hill is located in Ward 5 wth four  precincts.To find out where you’re registered to vote visit

The precicnt locations are as follows:

Precinct 3: State House, vote in the Great Hall, second floor.

Precinct 4: West End Library at 151 Cambridge Street vote in the community room.

Precinct 5: Hill House Community Center at 127 Mount Vernon Street, vote in the community room.

Precinct 11: Is also located at the Hill House Community Center.

On the Ballot

Representative in Congress for the Eight District:

Democrat, Stephen F. Lynch of 55 G St., Boston, candidate for re-nomination.

Republican, William Burke of 64 Bromfield St., Quincy.

To learn more about the candidates visit, and

Councillor in the Sixth District:

The Massachusetts Governor’s Council is composed of eight individuals elected from districts, and the Lieutenant Governor who serves ex officio. They are elected from their respective districts every two years.

Democrat, Terrerence W. Kennedy of 3 Stafford Rd., Lynnfield, Present Governor’s Councillor; candidate for re-nomination

Democrat, Stephen Borelli, 24 Hanover Ave., Boston

Democrat, Richard J. DiMeo, 50 Monmouth St., Boston

Senator in General Court, First Suffolk & Middlesex District:

Democrat, Joseph A. Boncore of 39 Sagamore Ave., Winthrop.

Representative in General Court, Eighth District:

Democrat, Jay D. Livingstone of 19 Revere St., Boston, current state representative.

Sheriff, Suffolk County:

The Sheriff of Suffolk County manages all operations at the Suffolk County House of Correction, the Nashua Street Jail and the Civil Process Division.

Democrat, Steven W. Tompkins of 196 Williams Ave., Boston, Present Sheriff; candidate for Re-nomination

Democrat, Alexander Rhalimi of 34 Highland St., Revere

To learn more about the candidates visit and

Register of Deeds (To Fill Vacancy), Suffolk District:

Thomas M. Ryan is the temporary Register of Deeds. The Registrar is the official responsible for maintaining a permanent public record of all properly drawn legal documents submitted by the public relative to real estate including deeds, mortgages, surveyor and architect plans.

Democrat, Douglas Bennet of 37 South Munroe Ter., Boston

Democrat, Stepanie L. Everett, 197 Manchester St., Boston

Democrat, Katherine V. Forde, 670 Hyde Park Ave., Boston

Democrat, Michael B. Mackan, 39 Bearse Ave., Boston

Democrat, Stephen J. Murphy, 141 Warren Ave., Boston, former City Council President, County Commissioner.

Democrat, Paul F. Nutting, JR., 385 Savin Hill Ave., Boston

Democrat, Jeffrey Michael Ross, 554 B Massachusetts Ave., Boston

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