BHWF Thanks Tom Kershaw

At this month’s Beacon Hill Women’s Forum (BHWF), all the group members signed a giant Valentine’s Day Card and presented it to Tom Kershaw, along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates and red roses.
Kershaw has generously underwritten the room rental cost for the organization from its inception four years ago in May 2013.
Kershaw addressed the group, saying, “It has been a joy to watch this little acorn grow into a sturdy oak tree and become the source of so many friendships here in Beacon Hill. I knew this concept was going to be a success from the beginning. And of course you know I love the ladies.”
Pictured standing: Sandra Gilpatrick, BHWF president; Tom Kershaw, owner of Hampshire House; Lisa Macalaster, BHWF founder; and seated: Laura Ayres and Rebecca Hall of Crush Boutique.

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