MassDOT Seeks Comments on Five-Year CIP Plan

Neighborhood organizations, as well as individual residents should take full advantage of expressing comments and suggestions on potential transportation projects which could be included in the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) upcoming five-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP).

Now in the process of updating the CIP for fiscal years 2018-2021 and adding on fiscal year 2022, MassDOT is welcoming import through the public engagement process.

MassDOT claims every suggestion, comment, or email will be taken into consideration so neighborhood groups and/or residents should respond to the offer with intelligent requests of concerns.

Plans currently call for funding, design, construction, and maintaining transportation assets that enables the state, its residents and the economy to flourish.

For this to occur, the MBTA and each MassDOT agency must identify and prioritize the most beneficial investments, those that will meet long-term goals for mobility, sustainability and broad-based prosperity.

The CIP is informed by a strategic vision, influenced by public and stakeholder input sought from the beginning of the process. Projects are selected on an objective and comparative evaluation.

This is a positive way for people to express their point of view in the area of public transportation and hopefully there are those who care enough to respond.

For information visit www.massgov/massdot/cip.

Public comments can be submitted by email to [email protected].


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