Architectural Commission Approves 45 Temple Street Redevelopment Project with Provisos

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission approved the latest, revised plans for the controversial 45 Temple St. project at its monthly hearing on Thursday with some stipulations.

Dedham-based JDMD Owner, LLC, plans to convert the Hiriaam J. Archer and Frank J. Donahue buildings at Temple and Derne streets into a 75-unit condominium complex, with rooftop additions, including penthouse units, as well as 60 on-site, below-grade parking spaces. Both buildings were previously owned and occupied by Suffolk University. A multi-use passageway, approximately 20 feet in diameter, would also be constructed between Temple Street and Ridgeway Lane as part of the plan.

In response to feedback solicited at the commission’s February hearing, the project’s design-team now intends to reduce the height of the rooftop addition to the Archer building by 16 inches on the side facing Temple Street and 11 inches on the side facing Ridgeway Lane in an effort to reduce its profile.

The development team also submitted a final lighting plan, including plans to use “down-lighting” to illuminate the Ridgeway Lane façade, as well as the proposed shape, size and materials of planters that would line the passageway.

According to the latest plan, the entrance to the Donahue building would be recessed by 5 feet from the previous proposal, and the columns are more engaged to make the entryway appear more asymmetrical.

Provisos for the motion approved by the commission include assurances that the Archer building would have historically appropriate “down-lighting” on both its Temple Street and Ridgeway Lane sides; that the Archer building’s doors would have the appearance of frames below the transom and above the door details; that the granite material proposed for the columns on the Donahue building be restudied; that the garage entryway be constructed of granite, rather than poured concrete; and that the developer provide a full-scale “mock-up” of the proposed materials for the project for a future public meeting.

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