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Neighbors reached out to firemen

Recently members of the BHCA Cambridge Street Quality of Life Committee dropped by the Boston Fire Department (District 3 Ladder 24 Engine 4) on Cambridge Street to give the fireman a big round of applause for all they do for the neighborhood. Several residents nearby joined them as they presented an engraved plaque showing their appreciation.

In reviewing the many challenges along this street, the committee realizes the important role firemen play in responding to medical incidents, often involving the many homeless individuals who congregate in the area. “Time and time again, I’ve seen the firemen racing over to help someone in distress,” said Lindall Place resident and BHCA board member Maura Smith. “They not only demonstrate professionalism, but they also show compassion and kindness. All of us on Beacon Hill owe them our gratitude.”


Construction season is here again

It seems that everywhere one looks, there are multiple contractor parking permits posted on Beacon Hill’s streets. To obtain their initial permits, contractors must visit the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) at City Hall. There, they pay for and are given a parking permit, usually limited to two weeks and two parking spaces, depending on the equipment necessitated. After the two-week initial period, they must come to the BHCA so that we are aware that they are renewing before visiting City Hall again. This allows us to keep an eye on the many projects going on in the neighborhood, and to convey any complaints and concerns that neighbors have reported.

It is important, therefore, to let the BHCA know if these permits are being improperly used. Sending photos with comments to [email protected] is the best way to go. The BHCA works with the BTD to ensure that contractors have the access they need to complete their work with as minimal negative impact on residents as possible. While the contractors should remove the permits when their work has been completed, residents can remove any permits that have expired.


It’s time for all BHCA members to renew

The Beacon Hill Civic Association wishes to remind its members that it’s time for everyone to renew their annual membership dues. For more information, call 617-227-1922, email [email protected] or go to, or, better yet, come to First Friday, June 5 from 8 – 9 a.m. to learn more about membership in the BHCA.


Volunteers wanted to help BHCA’s staff

The BHCA is looking for volunteers who are willing to lend their time and talents to the organization.  Whether it be stuffing envelopes, answering phones, or assisting with events, help would be greatly appreciated. Anyone with the time and interest are encouraged to contact Katie Reinhardt at [email protected].


Get involved

Beacon Hill Civic Association committees and special events comprise volunteers working together from all over the neighborhood to assure a good quality of life here. All residents are welcome to jump aboard.


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, May 31:      Historic Preservation Roundtable & Reception.

6 – 8 p.m. Museum of African American History, 46 Joy Street. For more details and to purchase tickets, contact the BHCA at 617-227-1922 or access the Events page at


Friday, June 2:  First Friday Coffee & Conversation. An opportunity to learn more about the BHCA for new and prospective members. 8 – 9 a.m., 74 Joy Street.


Thursday, June 22:        A Summer Evening. Harrison Gray Otis House.

6 p.m.


Wednesday, July 19:      Evening on the Esplanade. Opening Night of the Boston Landmarks Orchestra Summer Concert Series.


Sunday, September 24:   Fall Hillfest, annual neighborhood block party.


Visit the Beacon Hill Civic Association website and/or call the office (617-227-1922) for more information on how to get involved.

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