Latest Plans for Jeffries House Project Unveiled

By Dan Murphy

The development team behind the proposed expansion of the John Jeffries House unveiled its latest plans Thursday at a public meeting of the Beacon Hill Civic Association Traffic and Parking Committee.

Boston development firm Related Beal intends to build an approximately 12,000 square-foot extension to the existing Jeffries House on the parking-lot parcel adjacent to Savenor’s Market that would add 20 new rooms to the hotel, bringing the total to 66 rooms.

According to the current proposal, a 60-foot area fronting Charles Street would be reserved for a bellhop standing at a podium. This would result in the loss of two spaces reserved for the Hubway bicycle-sharing program, which would be relocated to a yet-to-be determined location. The curb-cut and frontage would also need to be adjusted, the development team said.

Jeannette Hermann, former board chair of the Civic Association, said a traffic study had determined that conditions at Charles Circle were substandard even before construction of the proposed Massachusetts Ear and Ear Infirmary garage, and would only be further exasperated by putting the front door to the Jeffries extension on Charles Circle.

The applicant is scheduled for an advisory hearing with the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission on June 13, said attorney Mike Ross.

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