DCR Unveils Design Concepts for Proposed Esplanade Riverfront Pavillion

By Dan Murphy

The Department of Conservation and Recreation unveiled three design concepts for the proposed Esplanade Riverfront Pavilion during a public meeting on Wednesday at the Massachusetts Transportation Building.

Architect Maryann Thompson said all three include plans for an occupiable roof garden accessible by terrace steps that would connect with the footbridge across Storrow Drive. The roof garden would also offer seating with riverfront views.

Other component in all the project designs include plans for a covered, outdoor space for athletic and recreational activities, as well as new office space for the Esplanade Association and public restrooms.

Thompson said the project would also reclaim significant greenspace, reducing the current 1116,000 square-foot, non-porous, paved area to a 47,000 square-foot, porous one.

The project is part of the effort to revitalize the Lee Pool area, and being planned in tandem with the proposed $25 million redevelopment of the State Police barracks on the river’s Lower Basin.

The design phase is expected to last though the end of the calendar year, followed by 19 months of construction set to begin late this year or in early 2018, officials said.

The public is invited to submit comments to DCR by close-of- business on Wenesday, July 19. Comments may be submitted:

Online at http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/public-outreach/submit-public- comments/ or

By writing to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Office of Public Outreach, 251 Causeway St., sixth floor, Boston, MA 02114.

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