Letter to the Editor

Great piece on kids in the city

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Karen Cord Taylor for her wonderful piece on raising kids in the city, which echoes our family’s experience in Cambridge. When our girls were little we walked them to school, and soon enough they were navigating the city on their own, a diverse cast of neighbors keeping an eye out for them or stopping by to share stories. They loved the independence and the confidence this built. By the time high school rolled around they were taking advantage of resources across the city, often on the T, and taking half their classes at a local college. Like Ms. Cord, we feel very lucky we were able to find a nest in the city. I don’t minimize the challenges our kids will face if they try to do this themselves in the current overheated market, but as Boston gets more and more expensive, in addition to the entrepreneurial strategies cited, there are other cities with great potential, especially if we support them with adequate regional transportation infrastructure.

Brad Bellows

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